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with Erin Zen Warrior

About Erin Zen Warrior

I'm a Holistic Mentor developing foundation's to guide courageous seekers to discover their path, their health and ultimately live an expanded, successful and fulfilling life.​ I bring new vision and ideas for social harmony to life by sharing these ideas with the right people. I then build the foundations of these ideas by getting involved and helping to plan and structure.


My direct approach and spirited nature takes life by the "horns", overflowing with abundance in all aspects of life. My hands on experience establishes trust and individuals who recognise this will invite me to take them into a completely new appreciation of their life.​

As a Human Design Projector I am uniquely positioned to support your Individual journey and business success. Projectors have an aura that is penetrative and absorbing, we go deeper than other auras, wrapping our auric grasp around the magnetic "centre" of another - and from here we can guide you away from conditioning towards your success. Projectors are here to creatively guide people to step outside the conditioning and obligation of the old and to support themselves individually within their workspace as we step forward into this new dynamic cycle of individuality.


I have a knack for being in the right place at the right time and by bringing an attitude of openness and trust life offers me great opportunity. The fine tuning of my body and health help me in this process of a high spirited and open essence.​


I quickly determine and refresh knowledge that is significant for personal expansion, in order to refine complex concepts to a simplicity that is easy to absorb and therefore useful to others.​


I am looking forward to working with you,

Erin Zen Warrior

Grace Marshall

Wellington, NZ

"I would start this by saying Erin is the best in her field. However, I don't think there is a field that Erin belongs in as there is no one else out there that offers what she does."


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