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The world we are living in is contrived and artificial. Yet your whole body is holy orgasmic to the environment that you are in. Our bodies have evolved for thousands of years walking barefoot, sitting on the ground, climbing trees, hanging off stuff, working with our hands in the earth, being in the sunlight. In all ways connected. These abundant connections feed into our sensory systems. Yet humanity has created an environment that is offensive us. It is time to reconnect. It is time to retune that system despite the environment that it’s in by feeding in as much of the richly organismic stuff that we do have available to us. This is the work I am here to do. To guide you on a path of reconnecting to all things.

Online Offerings

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Are you looking for a mentoring package that will reinvigorate and reinitiate your understanding and alignment of the live you want to live?Erin is offering Life Mentoring: a four session package designed to deprogramme and reinitiate. The Holistic Reset: a 12 week full rest course. Focused on the pillars of Mind, Movement & NutritionFind out more about these programmes here.


Ready to take the leap? Book a discovery call below to begin the journey together.


Bring cohesive strength to your body. Erin's functional mobility training uses contractile field mapping to design movements that will correct your posture, ultimately making you stronger. Movements are integrated from a wide range of disciplines not limited to yoga, animal flow, calisthenics, weight training and ballet. Erin is a specialist in postural corrective training, working in the field for over 20 years, She has worked with the All Blacks, the Moulin Rouge and top athletes including rowers, golfers and cricketers.


Also available in person in Auckland.

Book a discovery session to find out more.


Meditation is the practice of getting up for your life. Wake up and take the time to breathe. All the way out. All the way in.Together we practice presence. We practice waking up. Experiencing what it is for the sun to come up, for the rain to fall down, to feel the breeze on your face. Without this your are missing our on life, with worry about the past and future. Together we soak up the abundance of what is here, now.


Join us Monday Evenings at 8:30pm (NZST)


Come freely, come with a donation, just come!Live updates given on a group facebook page.


Find out more.



Postural correction and alignment lead to increased self-esteem, empowerment and well-being.

Bodywork is a postural, osteopathic and acupuncture designed system for correction. Erin freestyles within multiple modalities including Thai massage, compression, fascial stretch, cranial shiatsu and adjusting techniques.

Book a discovery session to find out more.


Book a Discovery Call

Curious about any of these offerings? A discovery call is the place to go to connect with Erin and begin exploring the possibilities. In this call Erin will run your Human Design chart and energetic diagnostics as a medical intuitive.

This call is free and totally no strings attached. 

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