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A little about me...

A qualified personal trainer, sports therapist, holistic foodie and contractile field practitioner. The daughter of a martial arts sensei and yoga instructor/bodybuilder, Erin was born to be fascinated with movement. At age 20, she moved more in line with yoga and dance, and dabbled in martial arts and circus.  

A three month trip to India brought her closer to understanding the mind body conjunct.  By 29, her body started to show signs of severe adrenal fatigue due to over-training. The message from the yogi’s became clear – balance is key.  

Continuing to align herself with osteopaths, movement, and up-to-date research on food and supplements but with a new focus:  How do you build a well-tuned body holistically and what does that really mean?  The last five years have been spent understanding ballet function and studying with the master of the contractile field model.  

Recently, she has been invited to build a contractile field movement course to educate personal trainers.

Feel free to look around the site,  my social media and course site - if you have any questions please feel free to reach out.

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